Pup Profile: TiBo, a Danish Pup in London

TiBo:Roof! Hi, my name is TiBo. I’m from Denmark, but I live in London. I’m a puppy, full-time, 24/7.

Speaker 2:24/7?


Speaker 2:Does that mean that you … do you work as a pup, or what sort of …

TiBo:No, I’m selective, but I actually work for Recon. So I kinda can be a puppy at Recon at the same time, so it’s 24/7.

Speaker 2:Oh, wow. So how did you discover human pup way?

TiBo:Actually, I was introduced by, from a year ago at a fetish party back in Denmark. [inaudible 00:00:39] let’s jump, let’s try it and see, so I bought myself a hood and literally, just like that I was a puppy.

Speaker 2:Wow, so how long have you been a pup for?

TiBo:Eight months.

Speaker 2:Wow.


Speaker 2:And tell us, what are three favourite things about being a pup?

TiBo:It’s being that persona where I can let everything go. It gives me some peace and calm when I need that. And I just like the respect you are giving to your master or the respect you are also getting from the other puppies, and the social part of it.

Speaker 2:What is the pup scene like in London?

TiBo:It’s huge. We have loads and loads of freelance in London. Actually, about six months ago we had a big documentary about the human puppy trade, where I also participated, so that was cool to bring that message out there. It was unbelievable.

Speaker 2:How was it after the documentary? Did you have any problems?

TiBo:No, I had no problems other than the usual thing of people not figuring out what it was about and stupid comments, but no one said anything. Everybody was just accepting and why not? You should be who you are.

Speaker 2:So for somebody who is starting out in pup play, what would you recommend to them?

TiBo:It depends on the personality that you have. It depends on if you’re an outgoing or an ingoing, and it’s kinda like where would you start? If you’re more like an outgoing, it’s kinda like maybe find your hood, maybe just get some knee pads, stuff like that or if you’re kind of ingoing maybe find a connection with other people, other puppies from the social network and try to get some connection and figure out how to get involved in that so you can evolve and get out more.

Speaker 2:If somebody wanted to contact you, what’s the best way for people to meet you TiBo?

TiBo:The easiest way is actually just to go on my Twitter page, which is TiBoThePup, or you can go on my Recon account, which is TiBo, and just write to me. I love it, so just write if you have any questions or need some guidance or whatever. I think we should all be together and we should help each other so write, write, write. I will answer everything. Roof! Bye!

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