Pup Profile: Pup Primus’ Eclectic Tastes

Primus:My name is Primus and it’s based around an old eighties cartoon programme where the main character was called Optimus Prime and it’s an amalgamation of the two.

So, my relationships in the pack are, my partners are in the pack, so I’m quite close knit with that one. I also have lots of friends back home in Manchester free and easy to do what I like and what I please to do so it’s quite nice.

I have an education background. I got a degree in education and IT. I live in the UK in the city of Manchester in the northwest. I’m also quite an advocate in the [inaudible 00:00:55].

I came to pup play with a very negative look originally. From what I’d seen and witnessed it was all very drama based and very kind of negative in the way it was portrayed to me. I never thought I’d actually enjoy it. Then when I finally started talking to pup boss about it, it kind of sparked a lot more interest, and I began to really began to enjoy it, and learn the journey and go through some of the training and develop skills and it just made everything made sense.

Outside the pup world I love to sing. I enjoy kind of taking on different tunes and making them differently. I like to rewrite some of the lyrics as well. I read quite a bit, comic book-wise. Also, fiddling around with machinery and computing and stuff like that.

When it comes to gear I have a very wide and eclectic taste and choice. I have neoprene, I have leather, I have rubber. I have some Lycra as well. I see the gear as a tool that helps me get into the right kind of space when I want to play. I love my hood. I absolutely adore my hood. I could wear this all the time if I wanted to. Tails; I had my first tail experience at pup camp, which was very exhilarating, especially doing outdoor. I enjoy wearing gear especially when we’re marching for a Mardi Gras parade in full rubber.

Favourite food for me has gotta be a full English roast. Nice bit of roast beef with succulent kind of juices and red meat in the middle and then topped with gravy and the Yorkshire pudding and oh!

Favourite place to sleep for me has got to be somewhere nice and warm and relaxing. It’s all about the atmosphere and if I can actually feel like I can chill in the place then I will fall asleep very easily. If I feel any sort of tension then there’s no chance of me sleeping anywhere.

If someone wants to approach me and wants to pet me or touch me its, I love to feel it on the back of my head and around my neck, in the hood. The stroking on the top of the head as well, it just feels very, I feel my eyes rolling the back of my head when I do it myself. It feels very comforting.

Preferred sexual activities, well, major fetish for gloves and with control and taste in the gloves and seeing them on people’s hands, so it also comes with breath control and that one [inaudible 00:04:33]. If you want to get me off, breath control is the way to do it. Water sports, sucking, fucking, the usual, kind of nine yard list, but again I adapt to the situation. I learn from the person [inaudible 00:04:47] enjoy every experience I get to do.

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