Gear Feature: Wolf Pup’s RubberDawg Hood.

Hi, it’s Wolf Pup again for the Sirius Pack. Just like to show you my rubber dog hood. This was made just for me. It was modelled on an old husky that I used to have, who I loved to death. It’s a great hood. Alpha Two Pup’s got one as well, so we’re a good team.

It’s a bit of a long process to get the hood done, but the guy, RubberDawg’s fantastic. Funnily enough, I ordered this before I was called into the pack, which is sort of destiny, I suppose. But yeah, there was a to and fro email thing, sent him some photos, and he sent me emails back with the process as he was making the hood, what, whether I liked it, wanted it adjusted or tweaked in any way.

And it turned out really well. I really love it. It’s really comfortable, it’s made to my head size, and it fits well and I can wear it for hours. So yeah, I really like it.

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