Pup Profile: Seca Pup of New Zealand

Seca Pup:I’m Seca pup, part of the dog star pack and I’m from New Zealand.

I came to it from Internet and kind of looking good and from there just got really involved in it.

Interviewer:What was it that initially attracted you to human pup play?

Seca Pup:The enjoyment to be able to free my mind and release myself from every day activities that I had to do.
Interviewer:Okay. So if there were 3 things that you really love about Human Pup Play, what would those 3 things be?

Seca Pup:The interaction with others. The enjoyment that I get from it. The community itself; it’s a very, very close knit community. And the freedom of being able to express yourself and how you want to.

Interviewer:So, you’ve mentioned the community, how big is the community in New Zealand?

Seca Pup:The community in New Zealand is very, very minor. It’s very small, hence, I’ve had to view overseas to be able to communicate with others, but I’m gradually trying to make it bigger in New Zealand and hopefully can get others involved.

Interviewer:So how have you resolved that issue? If the community is small in New Zealand how have you been able to socialise? What have you needed to do?

Seca Pup:I’ve just reached out via apps and things like this and gone to certain parties and reached to other people and to try and promote it in certain ways and just to make others aware of it and that’s just a generalisation of getting others to kind of realise that there is Pup Play in the world and hopefully get some other New Zealanders to enjoy it.

Interviewer:Now, you’re with the Dog Star Pack, is that correct?

Seca Pup:That is correct.

Interviewer:Now they’re primarily based in the United States, so how did you come to meet them?

Seca Pup:It came about through Facebook and telegram, through the love and interest of goalie actually for one of them and from there just communicated and kind of became very close knit with them and thankfully was asked to join.

Interviewer:So, you said a mutual interest of?

Seca Pup:Goalie; hockey goalie.

Interviewer:What’s that?

Seca Pup:A sport. Ice hockey. I play field hockey and just actual goalie gear itself. Gear is a lot of fetish play and yeah.

Interviewer:Oh so it’s the shoulder pads and the knee pads and the knee…

Seca Pup:Shoulder pads and the knee pads and the leg pads and yeah.

Interviewer:So, as a pup, does that mean that you’re a big defensive kind of pup, or?

Seca Pup:I’m, I’m more of a submissive to be honest with ya. I guess I just love the fact of being covered in gear.

Interviewer:Okay. So does that form as a way of making you a bigger persona, or is it a defensive thing?

Seca Pup:[inaudible 00:03:43] I guess it’s just part persona part yeah. It’s just a defence mechanism I have I guess I have with putting more gear on. The more layers I have for people to get through.

Interviewer:So, but you enjoy people penetrating those layers?

Seca Pup:Definitely, indeed.

Interviewer:So, how would you describe your pup persona?

Seca Pup:I am a, classify myself as a husky. I am a husky. I have many layers of defence, but I am also very loving and very caring and will always lend a hand to others.

Interviewer:Okay. What is it about huskies that drew you to that particular breed?

Seca Pup:The eyes and just the nature of them. I love the blue eyes, which I also have and that’s just, yeah. That was a big draw towards me.

Interviewer:And huskies also are, how do I put this? You generally don’t fuck with huskies? Is that the case with you?

Seca Pup:That’s yeah, pretty much. If you fuck me up I will come back and I will manipulate a way around to you as well.

Interviewer:Fair enough, fair enough. So, you mentioned that you’re working hard to increase the connection with the Pup Community within New Zealand. What would you recommend for anybody who’s in New Zealand who’s interested in human pup play?

Seca Pup:Just to reach out, to make contact with me or with somebody else that’s involved in it. I’m always willing to help and get more exposure of the pup play for everyone, but if someone else is willing to learn it, I will definitely help them.

Interviewer:So what is the best way of contacting you?

Seca Pup:I’m on Facebook, under Launga Biker Seca or on Twitter under Seca Pup.

Interviewer:Okay, how do you spell that Facebook name because it sounds a bit involved?

Seca Pup:L A U N G A, and then biker, B I K E R, and then Seca, S E C A.

Interviewer:Okay, so you’re also into motorbikes?

Seca Pup:I am. [inaudible 00:06:11]

Interviewer:Okay, I noticed when you arrived you were in head to toe biker leathers.

Seca Pup:That is correct.

Interviewer:What do you ride?

Seca Pup:Currently nothing. I had to sell my bikes due to financial and earthquake reasons. Had a Kawasaki 250 Ninja and also a Ducati Hypermotard.

Interviewer:What’s your dream bike? If you could have whatever bike you wanted, what would it be?

Seca Pup:Oh God. I couldn’t really name one. There’s so many out there. I love most Ducati’s. I love most of the Japanese style bikes. They’re marvellous engineering, really.

Interviewer:So, in your…how long have you been a pup?

Seca Pup:I’ve been a pup for about 7 years now.

Interviewer:Seven years? And to think that 7 years, when did you meet the Dog Star pack?

Seca Pup:That would have been about 3 months ago.

Interviewer:Were you a lone pup up until then?

Seca Pup:I had been, yes. I had been in hiding, due to ex partners and things like that. I recently came back out and yeah.

Interviewer:That’s fantastic. What would you say has been your peak experience as a pup, your number one moment?

Seca Pup:My number one moment is pretty much meeting, [inaudible 00:07:45] and getting to meet people. Being in New Zealand it’s kind of very small and very [inaudible 00:07:49] so coming to Australia here now and actually meeting other pups like yourself, that’s probably the biggest moment for me at the moment.

Interviewer:Fantastic. Have you, what’s your experience in Australia been like?

Seca Pup:It’s been incredible. I can’t believe how accepting a lot of people are over here with everything like this. Just generally an amazing experience.

Interviewer:Do you have plans in the future to be able to meet up with your pack?

Seca Pup:I do. I’m hoping to next year be at Claw, so we can all be together at Claw ’17 and hopefully later on Alpha to be able to come over to New Zealand, have a bit of a tour around New Zealand with him.

Interviewer:That would be pretty cool. If you had somebody who was in the process of exploring pup play, what would you recommend for them?

Seca Pup:Mainly to give them a bit of research behind it and the Sirius website and things like that and not to be afraid to ask questions and to learn. Everyone’s gonna have their own opinion on stuff but you’re always gonna have to find your own little style to it a little bit.

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