Pup Profile: Pup Wolf Lives For Gear!

Speaker 1: G’day, my name’s Wolf. I’m in a longterm relationship outside the pack. I’m the new puppy on the block. Alpha’s my Alpha, GPup. Met scruffy and, Brand and, Clutch, and Trooper. I feel like I’m getting along with everyone, but I’ve got a lot to learn.

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, I’ve lived in Canada, loved the snow, for obvious reasons, I’m a wolf. And, I’m into nature and gardening, being outdoors, kicking around. I’ve been a puppy for a long time. I’m sort of more muck than pup, I’ve only ever been solo played with pup until I met Sir and Alpha. I just … It’s a way to break free, and express myself without the worries of the world.

Okay, three hobbies I have, three of my top … Top three hobbies I have is, I’m into gardening and nature. I ride a motorbike, Triumph, that’s one of my loves, makes me as free as a pup. And, I like to cook, ski, and of course, I was very excited to find two other pups in the pack who barrack for the Hawthorn Football Club. Long live the Hawthorn Football Club. Go Hawkers.

Okay, my thoughts on gear, I love it, I live for it, I can’t do without it. I love rubber, I love bike gear, I love motocross gear, so, you’ll probably see me in motocross outfit as a pup. I love the feel of it, I love bondage, I love restraint, cadged. You name it, I love it. It makes me slip into the head-space easier.

Favorite food’s a bit hard, because I’m a chef, longterm chef. Probably, keep it simple, stupid, and fresh is best. So, I like fresh food, I particularly like Thai.

My favourite place to sleep, other than my own bed at home is, putting a swag on the back of my motorbike, heading off for a few hours, and finding a nice little country lane, and staying the night all alone under the stars. Usually, pup hoods are involved.

I like to be touched, I like to be touched with nipples patted round my ears. This is what I want … I love fetish, I love skin gear, I love hugs, I love to be pissed on, I love fondling, I love giving head, I love sucking arse, rah, rah.

Speaker 2: Well done. Well done.

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