Pup Profile: The Loyal Pup Gryphon

G pup:Hey, it’s G Pup here, and today I wanted to introduce a new pup that’s part of the Sirius pack. I’ll get him to introduce himself. Pup, tell us your name.

Gryphon pup:My name is Gryphon Pup, but other pups call me Gryph for short.

G pup:How did you come to be known as Gryphon? What’s this name mean to you?

Gryphon pup:Gryphon represents my care and loyalty to others. I’m always there for others. If they need help, I’ll try and help them in any way that I can, and I’ll be as loyal as I can to give them the confidence that they know they can ask me for help, and if I can help I’ll do that.

G pup:That’s fantastic. How did you first get interested in pup life?

Gryphon pup:A friend of mine actually directed me to the Sirius pups website and having a bit of a read through it, actually reminded me of the sort of way of life that I’ve been trying to live myself in terms of being myself at all times and just allowing myself to enjoy the moment and being able to relax and be myself and not really give a damn about anybody else, just to be frank.

G pup:You think pup play may have improved some other aspects of your life?

Gryphon pup:Absolutely.

G pup:Fantastic. If you were to recommend anything to any pups who are just starting out, what would you suggest?

Gryphon pup:I would also recommend them to visit the Sirius pup’s website and have a good read through, and get an understanding on what it’s all about, about being a pup and making an informed decision for yourself as to whether it’s a way of life that you want to go down the path of to make a better life for yourself, like I did.

G pup:Cool so in closing, what would you like to let other people know? What’s some of your favourite things that you really enjoy?

Gryphon pup:I enjoy wearing my pup hood. It allows me to, well it’s allowed me to be myself as well. It’s given me an opportunity to still be out there in public but still be hidden away, because I can be a bit of a [inaudible 00:02:34] at times and don’t want to give away the whole story of myself. So I like the opportunity that it gives me that I can be out there but still feel a little bit reserved and safe.

G pup:That’s fantastic, thank you very much and welcome to the Sirius pack.

Gryphon pup:Thanks G pup.

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