Pup Profile: Pup Arrow Into Pup Space

Pup arrow:Hi I’m Arrow, part of the Sirius pups, Brisbane, Australia. The way I came to learn about human pup play was, I was in my local pub and I saw a guy dressed in [inaudible 00:00:21] pup gear and it sparked my interest. So I went away and looked up pup play, read about it, found the Sirius pack website, learned, realised, yeah, this is me and, yeah, from that I pretty much grew as a pup.

The pup scene in Brisbane, it’s good. There’s a few pups around, which is helpful for me to learn and interact with other pups. The impact has grown in Brisbane, as in the pup scene, as I have, yeah, I have quite noticed that, yeah, it has grown quite a fair bit. I do get a lot of pups finding me and asking me questions of pup play and how they can get into it and how they can grow as a pup.

For someone who is experiencing pup play for the first time, my, for me to [inaudible 00:01:26] would be to go and learn about it, to read about it. To go onto websites, yeah pretty much to learn and see if it is for you as a person. Then once you’ve read about it, get out there, and interact with pups.

I’m into, BDSM. I do like a good flogging. I’m into rope play. Water sports is a big interest, what I like. I think at the moment, I will be a … play the submissive role, and that I would like to learn to play a dominant role. As all to kind of switch things up a little. Please, I like to get out and about, like playing video, I’m a bit of a gamer, and I love cooking, love my food. Movies, bit of movie collector. So, if you’re wanting to play games with me, you can find me on PlayStation 4, under Bloodfest86.

My favourite aspect of Human Pup Play would be, learning about general pup play, getting the experience, getting out there, with the experience that I learn, and mobilising it. Playing with other pups, is yeah, always fun. Pup space to me is where I can lose myself as a human, I guess you can say, and transfer into a different head space where I don’t have the worries about everyday human things in life. I can lose them and focus on my pup self. Enjoying the moment that I’m having as a pup.

I see myself as a Bull-Mastiff when it comes to breed of dog. So, what I identify as a Bull-Mastiff in myself is that, they are loyal, they like to have fun, and they can be dominant at the same time. They have [inaudible 00:04:12] good sense of personality. Cool.

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