Puppy Play Malaysia: Takashi Wolfpup Interviewed

The hidden world of puppy play Malaysia in an exclusive video interview with a pup speaking of his experiences.

Pup Play in Malaysia Revealed…

Exa: All right, my name’s Exa, you can find me on Recon. It’s PuppyTakashi. My Facebook is WolfpupTakashi as well. Okay, so I’m from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and then… I’ve been on the pup scene for about four or five years.

GPup Alpha: How did you discover human pup play?

Exa: Naturally I prefer bondage but the pup play was acquired from my friends that are living in England, Manchester. He’s a pup play as well, and he kind of influenced me to get into the pup play.

GPup Alpha: Okay. Do you find that there is a connection between other S&M and human pup play?

Exa: Well, in my opinion, all this is interrelated, they all cross each other, so it’s more like mix and match. Some people prefer this and this, some people like pup play with bondage, some people prefer to have the BDSM with pup play. For example, I see quite a lot of dogs and it’s a deep connection with all this kinky play.

GPup Alpha: Are there many people who are interested in pup play in Malaysia?

Exa: Well there is a community. It’s not as big, and because of our culture it’s not as major as what we have here. Most of the time they just like to have it on for sex, for example, there’s one good example for that one. They don’t really have to order the headgears or the rubbers, and you walk on the street. You act like a pup, you be like a pup, they just have it on for the sex in Malaysia’s community.

A Hidden Community

GPup Alpha: Is it a hidden community?

Exa: It’s not quite hidden, but in Malaysia this kind of thing is not really as open as what I saw in Europe.

GPup Alpha: Of many of the Asian countries, Malaysia is one of the more religious. So how does that fit in with …

Exa: It doesn’t fit really well. We are doing it and playing safe and there’s nobody reporting to the police. Even some of the strong religious holders, some of the people from the other religious states. Basically religions condemn this thing but some of them are still practising like the pup play.

GPup Alpha: Could you get into trouble with the moral police or anything like …

Exa: There would be troubles if they caught us.

GPup Alpha: Is making this video gonna put you at risk?

Exa: It’s still okay.

Three Things…

GPup Alpha: It’s okay? Okay, okay. So coming back to pup play, what are three things that you really enjoy about pup play?

Exa: For me, first would be that we just let go of everything. We don’t have to think like a human, we can just be a pup. That’s the first thing, then the second thing, we would be more relaxing. You can just relax and be like oh whatever you like. And then, pretty much that’s all for me, because pup play … Maybe try to expose my more playful side of me, because I myself is really playful, but if it’s just human people just think I’m a big kid. But in a puppy, it’s like oh he’s just being a pup, people will think it’s that way. So that’s what it meant for me for pup play.


GPup Alpha: Okay. And how did you find … We’re here in Berlin. What’s the main differences that you’ve seen between pup play in Malaysia and pup play here in Germany?

Exa: What can also be said of pup play here is really what I’ve been expecting. Everybody just being a pup and just chase around and bark at people and then just have fun with the squeaky toys and just see the human and wagging and just want to hug everybody. In Malaysia, as I mentioned before, it would be like just for the sex. They more like to be treated as a human where I’m from. It’s just a human emulating a dog in Malaysia, that’s what I saw mostly. For me, I prefer the European way, like what you’re seeing in Berlin, but over there they are … Most of them prefer to be like it’s a human, they like to be kept, they want to be beaten, they just like to be called like a bitch or a slutty dog, for example. That’s basically …

GPup Alpha: So more of an S&M relationship rather than playful. Okay. So, if somebody wanted to learn more about pup play in Malaysia, is there a group they could contact?

Contact Details

Exa: Well … We don’t really have a group for that. I’m not really sure about the others but most of the people just know me from Facebook, and we have a community timeline but it’s not really exclusive for Malaysia. If anything, you still can contact me, I will still be happy to reply.

GPup Alpha: How will somebody find you via Facebook?

Exa: You can find me via Facebook or Recon.

GPup Alpha: Okay, what are your usernames on Facebook?

Exa: WolfpupTakashi

GPup Alpha: And same on Recon?

Exa: Recon would be just PuppyTakashi

GPup Alpha: Okay, and you’re on Twitter as well.

Exa: Twitter yes, my name is my names combined together, which would be xoTakashi. Either way, you can just contact me via Facebook or any way, Twitter, Recon, yeah. But try to contact me maybe through Facebook would be easier for me to access.

GPup Alpha: Cool, that’s great.

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