Introducing Slugger: Creator Of The World’s Most Popular Neoprene Pup Hood

Chris Keith:Sure. I’m Chris Keith. I’ve been with Mr. S for many years and recreated the pup neoprene hood last year and it’s overwhelming to me because I have different orders coming in all the time and you guys are so happy and fulfilled that you’re able to wear this neoprene hood that is very unique and we’re number one with it.

Speaker 2:What does it feel like seeing your creating being enjoyed by so many people?

Chris Keith:It’s like I go back because I’ve been with Mr. S since 1993 and my passion has always been sewing and my high is to see my work on your body.

Speaker 2:Let’s be honest. Your work is very, very popular. The neoprene hood has been so well received and loved.

Speaker 3:We’ve got great weather year round. We can swim, we can get out in the wild and it’s a lot freer in Australia to do that and the neoprene is fantastic for it. You don’t have the delicacy of rubber and you don’t have the cleaning of leather.

Chris Keith:Sure and the unique thing about the neoprene is that it gets wet and it dries over-

Speaker 3:It does. It rolls. You roll it, stick it in your pocket. It’s wonderful.

Speaker 2:For pups who like getting photos outdoors or like to have a hood with them so they could do a pup photo say on a bus or something like that. They love having the hood. We love you. Thank you so much.

Chris Keith:You’re welcome. I hope to bring more new puppy accessories and redesigning a little bit different.

Speaker 2:That’s wonderful.

Chris Keith:Be on the lookout for that.

Speaker 2:You know what? I had the incorrect belief that the hood only went up to a large, but that’s not true.

Chris Keith:No. We make up to double X because these bigger guys need love too. The bigger pups, all it is is made to measure so you send in your measurements of your head and we will try to fit it to you. There’s not one that I have had returned because I got the measurements wrong. They were right on.

Speaker 2:Absolutely. Bigger pups out there, this is the wonderful, wonderful slugger who’s going to be able to have you the hood that you will have your pup persona in. We love you. Thank you so much.

Chris Keith:Thank you so much for coming by and I’m very honoured that you’re happy with it.

Speaker 2:We are honoured that you have done such an amazing creation and we support you 100%.

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