Pup Profile: Pup Gadget & Seattle Pup Play

Pup Gadget:My name’s Pup Gadget, and I am in Seattle, Washington.

Gpup Alpha:You are a fairly established pup, I’ve known you to be a pup for a long time. How did you come to become involved with human pup life?

Pup Gadget:Actually, it first started about, I think it’s probably about seven or eight years ago. I was at Mr. S, actually down in San Francisco. I came across a book called Woof. I found it, and I read it, and actually tried it with that partner. I didn’t really quite get it. Then a couple years later I had a new partner who was really into the pup stuff. He brought out the actual pup headspace that I didn’t get from the book. Really getting the pup headspace is really what brought me into it.

Gpup Alpha:Okay. Obviously pup headspace is an important thing for you. What do you say the three biggest things that you get from being a pup?

Pup Gadget:Probably say headspace, obviously. I’ll build on that. With the headspace … I work in the IT field, and my job is very head-focused. It actually allows me to kind of let go of that technical thinking and be more in the moment, and just having fun. That would be one of them. The other thing is, it seems like a lot of pups actually get kind of a submissive side from their puppy side. I’ve always been a little bit unique and actually kind of found a more dominant alpha side from it, kind of take pups under my wing.

I would say the third thing is, it really brought me community. Other people who love pup play, and just how wonderful it is and inclusive. It’s great how people who have two different walks of life can come together in a more primal setting like pup play.

Gpup Alpha:Community is a common thing that I’ve heard about pup play. A lot of people talk about how they’ve really found a group of people that they get and understand. You’ve had quite a significant involvement with creating community here in Seattle. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Pup Gadget:You want me to talk about the community that I …

Gpup Alpha:Yeah, if you’re comfortable.

Pup Gadget:Okay. I’m actually the founder of SEA-PAH, Seattle Pups and Handlers, which we actually just had our fourth year birthday since we did our first event. I kind of came up with the first puppy group in the Northwest. Other groups were starting to form as well around the same time, but I’m not sure what else to …

Gpup Alpha:Clearly you get some very great things about having that community involvement. What feedback have you gotten back? What has SEA-PAH done for other people?

Pup Gadget:Other people, okay.

Gpup Alpha:That they appreciate it.

Pup Gadget:You know, it’s interesting. A lot of people have come up to me, and what they love about SEA-PAH, and just the community up here is just how loving and inclusive it is. You could just go in there, into one of these puppy moshes that SEA-PAH will put on. You can just, being someone new, and people are just really opening and welcoming. People really want to get to know you.

It seems like that’s something it seems humanity has lost a little bit. Some people have gone really internal, and may not be as openly friendly. It seems like with puppies it’s really kind of brought in. That’s the feedback I get is people are like, “Wow, it’s so inclusive.”

Gpup Alpha:If somebody’s never been to a mosh, what would you expect and how should you come to a mosh, I suppose?
Pup Gadget:If you’ve never been to a mosh you should just go and experience. Do you want me to kind of explain what a mosh is?

Gpup Alpha:Yeah, sure.

Pup Gadget:What a mosh you’ll find is, you’ll find human puppies. You’ll probably find handlers as well as people who are just interested, just like yourself. A mosh is actually where is a … You’ll frequently find a wrestling mat kind of thing, or just foam flooring, kind of like you would find in a gym.

You’ll find people crawling around on the ground, and barking and playing with toys, kind of like you would find at a dog park, except with all humans. Then you’ll also just find people hanging out and having a great time.

Gpup Alpha:It sounds pretty laid-back, fairly casual scene.

Pup Gadget:Very casual and laid back.

Gpup Alpha:It’s not like a full-on bondage event.

Pup Gadget:No, it’s not, but sometimes you’ll find people on the edges doing some bondage as well, since puppy play is kind of the softer side of bondage.

Gpup Alpha:A lot of people have said that, that pup play is an introductory drug to BDSM. What are your thoughts about that?

Pup Gadget:In a way it kind of is. I would say what it more is, it’s a great kind of non-intimidating way of introducing yourself to all sorts of kinks, and one of them being bondage. It’s kind of giving people that starting of, maybe they have an interest in bondage. It seems scary, but this is a great starting point.

Gpup Alpha:Puppies are soft and furry.

Pup Gadget:Yeah. They’re typically not very intimidating, and they’re friendly and fun.

Gpup Alpha:Are there some pups who have a slightly different take on it where they might be intimidating, or they might be …

Pup Gadget:Yeah. That’s one of the things that’s great about puppy play is it’s really dynamic in general. Each person gets something different from it. There’s all sorts of puppies, just like there’s all sorts of people. Some people may really get into the more slave aspect of it, and they like being dehumanised. Then you have the ones that get the, they like the love, nurturing side of that handler that’s there to make them feel safe. There’s just all sorts. Everyone has a different take on puppy play. It can be created just from the puppy and handler, or puppy and other puppy, or whatever dynamic you prefer.

Gpup Alpha:Okay. Certainly within the context, so at Sirius Pup we’ve got a slightly different spin, perhaps. Some people have said that we have a slightly different spin on that. How did you come to find us?

Pup Gadget:How did I find you guys? I’m trying to remember how I found you guys exactly. I know it was through Facebook.

Gpup Alpha:We do enjoy Facebook, yeah.

Pup Gadget:I think that’s actually where I found you guys is actually on Facebook.

Gpup Alpha:That’s certainly where I found you. If you were to have a workshop or something like that where people could learn more about human pup play or stuff like that, is there a particular content that you’ve found is frequently being asked for within the community?

Pup Gadget:Frequently people are asking just for a puppy one on one class. What I would say is, even before that just going to a puppy mosh is great. You have the ability to watch, you have the ability to ask questions from people. It’s a great kind of puppy-90, I guess you could say. In terms of what people are usually asking for it kind of like, what are the basics, or how do I learn this headspace?

Headspace is one that I hear a whole lot. What I tell most people is, the headspace comes with that connection with someone. I found the headspace with a former partner of mine. It’s hard to really teach someone it, it’s really got to be very organic and kind of found with whatever group of people make you feel comfortable.

Gpup Alpha:It’s more of an experience that you might look back and go, “Oh, that was …” A lot of pups see the headspace as almost like a nirvana. It’s like a elusive thing that they’re chasing. A lot of people have different experiences of that. What’s the pupspace like for you?

Pup Gadget:For me it’s, I describe it almost as a meditative state. I’ve had moments where it was just … During Wolf Camp, which is a really big puppy mosh that happens during International Mr. Leather, I just remember it’s just euphoric. It’s really funny because at the end of it, sometimes you don’t remember all of what was going on. You’re just very primal. It’s powerful.

I guess how I would describe it is a very meditative. I actually had someone come up to me. I was competing at one of the International Puppy contests. I was kind of explaining headspace a little bit. A guy had come up to me who was studying Buddhism. He’s like, “You know, this is very meditation, it sounds just like meditation.” To me, it feels like a meditation, like a way of letting go of everything that’s going on in the past and what’s going to happen in the future, and living in the now.

Gpup Alpha:Okay. If you were to describe one of your peak experiences as a pup, what would you consider that to have been?

Pup Gadget:I would probably say the headspace I got during the IML with one of my pup friends. He really brings out my puppy headspace, Pup Bowen. Just, we got into so much trouble that day. I don’t even remember doing all this, but apparently we had gotten into a cage and we were tipping it over, and just causing all sorts of mischief. I just remember how euphoric I felt at the end of it, and just how much happiness I had. I would probably say that was my most memorable.

Gpup Alpha:Within the boy community or the sub community, they sometimes talk about subdrop, where people can feel down after that because it was so nice. Is that something that pups might experience?

Pup Gadget:Yeah, actually that’s something that can happen when you’re first kind of learning the headspace. At the end of it, I definitely need to be nurtured more. It seemed like that feeling is something that kind of goes away, the actual drop. It’s something that can happen at the beginning.

Gpup Alpha:Do you think it’s that when you learn that it’s not difficult to recreate that, then you don’t yearn it, or you don’t become upset when it’s gone because you know it’s always there?

Pup Gadget:At least for me, I don’t feel like I felt I was missing something. It was more of the vulnerability I felt at the end coming off of it. Being in puppy headspace can be very vulnerable. I think just that vulnerability is kind of, it was hard to explain. It’s something that kind of went away over time. I actually only experienced it for about a few months.

I’ve actually explained this feeling, and that’s why I tell people to always be around people you trust when you’re doing puppy play, especially in the beginning. You can get into that headspace, and sometimes you need that nurturing afterwards. It’s best to be with people that make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Gpup Alpha:Slightly different, but pup play has had a large increase in interest recently.

Pup Gadget:Yep, I would say exploding.

Gpup Alpha:It has, it’s like a puppy farm in some way.

Pup Gadget:I can’t even keep track of all the puppies anymore.

Gpup Alpha:It’s crazytown on Facebook, my gosh. At the same time, there’s less and less handlers to go around. Would you have any suggestions for a pup that is looking for a handler? Is there particular things that they should look for?

Pup Gadget:I would actually say, in my experience I had the best experience with handlers that actually had been puppies before. I would say it can be difficult to find handlers. Puppies can also act as handlers as well. I would say, finding someone you trust who’s done puppy play before is probably someone you should start with. [crosstalk 00:15:54] In terms of finding, first and foremost with puppy play I wouldn’t say finding a handler should be your goal, as much as experiencing puppy play for yourself. A handler happens on the way.

Gpup Alpha:It’s worth taking the time, checking your local area for mates.

Pup Gadget:Yeah, don’t rush into a handler.

Gpup Alpha:Okay.

Pup Gadget:Definitely interview them.

Gpup Alpha:Get to know them a little bit better, absolutely. I suppose just to wrap it up, I can personally say that pup play’s given me a lot. What would you say that pup play has given you, if anything?

Pup Gadget:I would say what it’s given to me is just friendships. Would I have met you if … Who knows. International friendships. You’re in Melbourne, Australia, and we found a common interest. I have a lot of great friends all over the world. It’s just, it’s amazing. I may not have had those friendships if I hadn’t found puppy play. If it’s given me anything, it’s given me friendships. That’s probably what I’d say it’s given me the most. Then headspace is great, too.

Gpup Alpha:If somebody who sees this video wants to contact you or chat with you or something like that, what would be an easy way for them to do that?

Pup Gadget:You can either find me on Facebook under Pup Gadget, or you can contact me through my gmail, pupgadget@gmail.com.

Gpup Alpha:Cool. Thank you very much.

Pup Gadget:Thank you.

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