Pup Profile: Triumph’s Public and Private Pup Life

Dorien Lambert:I’m Dorien Lambert. I associate my pup name as Pup Triumph.

Speaker 2:Is that Triumph as in the motorcycle or triumph as something else?

Dorien Lambert:Motorcycle.

Speaker 2:You’re into motorcycles or …

Dorien Lambert:No, I was actually given the name by my handler. He gave it to me because I’ve overcome a lot of stuff in my life. Came from a family who’s very … Not really open to the gay world, so when I came out they didn’t really like that. I overcame drug addicted father and mother, so … Yeah.

Speaker 2:So their lack of support is hardly a loss to you?

Dorien Lambert:Yeah. Losing family was kind of a big step of overcoming a lot of that, so I’ve triumphed a lot of stuff.

Speaker 2:It sounds like it. So have you … How long have you been involved with the pup scene?

Dorien Lambert:Since about … About a year. Coming to about a year.

Speaker 2:Okay. How did you discover the pup scene?

Dorien Lambert:I’ve kind of known I was a pup for a lot of my life. I would always jump around and I’m always crazy for squeaky toys, even in stores I hear it. When I was … I went through a straight phase most of my life and I would always lick people and girls really didn’t like that so …

Speaker 2:So please don’t say you went gay just so you could lick people?

Dorien Lambert:No.

Speaker 2:Or lick penises. That’s a …

Dorien Lambert:True.

Speaker 2:Just an excuse. Okay, so you’ve already kind of known you’re a pup but what was the step? How did you go from knowing to becoming connected to the community?

Dorien Lambert:Coming into the community, I actually kind of like jumped into it really fast. I actually met my handler online when I was living down in Southern Ohio and we would talk a bit and that and he had me read up on Bark, Woof, those books and I actually started watching and looking at your old site that you had at the time and I actually started going through the lists and then …

Speaker 2:Oh, wow.

Dorien Lambert:Looking at it more, so your old site brought me more and more closer into it.
Speaker 2:And that was the Sirius Pup website?

Dorien Lambert:Yeah.

Speaker 2:Oh, wow. Okay. Well, thank you for stopping by.

Dorien Lambert:It was really helpful for a lot of things that I couldn’t really get from the book, so the site actually helped a lot.

Speaker 2:Fantastic. It was designed as a tool for our pack and if other people have found it useful then that’s really frigging awesome.

Dorien Lambert:Yeah.

Speaker 2:So what do you get out of pup play? What interests you?

Dorien Lambert:I like it because I work a … Kind of a serious job where they do medical and engineering stuff, military stuff and I can escape from it and just relax. It’s like my therapy. I go into a head space, I have no problem in the world.

Speaker 2:Yeah, yeah. So what’s … Because a lot people talk about head spaces, it means different things to different people, what does that head space consist of for you?

Dorien Lambert:When I put the hood on, it helps me get in the head space more, so I will put the hood on and I just instantly snap into it. I walk on all fours, I woof, bark, I even came to the conclusion where my boyfriend, he sleeps in the bedroom, I sleep in the living room because he has sleep apnea, and his snoring keeps me up at night, so I actually have my own little doggy bed in the living room, so … And that helps me.

Speaker 2:So you’ve got your own kennel and own space?

Dorien Lambert:Yeah.

Speaker 2:And that’s the important thing is that you can connect the being pup to a room in the house.

Dorien Lambert:Yeah.

Speaker 2:And that’s kind of cool. Have you had any challenges with pup play or being a pup?

Dorien Lambert:Yes.

Speaker 2:And what challenges have you had?

Dorien Lambert:I actually went to a mall, I’m not going to say which mall, but it’s in Ohio and one of the very popular malls. I was walking in public, with my hood on, and they started yelling at me about it.

Speaker 2:Yeah, yeah.

Dorien Lambert:I wasn’t attacking anybody, touching anybody, minding my own business and the security told me I had to leave.

Speaker 2:Okay.

Dorien Lambert:So I was like, “Didn’t make sense.”

Speaker 2:Was it only security that was causing you problems or were there other people involved?

Dorien Lambert:Yeah. Security, people loved it. People were looking and kind of oohing and ahhing and …

Speaker 2:Yep.

Dorien Lambert:But I’ve told my friends and family about it and a bunch of my old co-workers, they loved it. They wanted to know everything about it.

Speaker 2:Yeah, yeah.

Dorien Lambert:And most of my family, they’re okay with it. They don’t really care, they don’t ask me any questions.

Speaker 2:So it sounds like your family’s come along way?

Dorien Lambert:Yeah.

Speaker 2:If they weren’t accepting of you being gay but they’re kind of all right with you being a pup, that sounds like a fairly large jump.

Dorien Lambert:Yeah, my stepmom, she’s my ex stepmom, and she’s been my mother figure since I was born, woman has been by my side forever, she was the first one I really came out too and I told her about the pup stuff and she enjoys it. She teases me about it but not in a bad way. She actually gave us … She’s actually trying to get us a fire hydrant cookie jar because we have a doggy cookie jar. But she sends me doggy Christmas cards and birthday cards and all those.

Speaker 2:So she’s very accepting?

Dorien Lambert:Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Speaker 2:Have you had any challenges, because you’re a bigger bloke, have you had any problems or challenges in pup play as a bigger pup?

Dorien Lambert:My back and my knees.

Speaker 2:Okay.

Dorien Lambert:They’re big problems.

Speaker 2:Yeah, yeah.

Dorien Lambert:Yeah, especially for bigger guys, with back problems. I have a narrowing of my spine and bulged discs, so …

Speaker 2:What limits does that place on you playing?

Dorien Lambert:Kind of like jumping around really fast and just rolling and stuff like that, but walking around, I can do it, just sometimes I’ve got to take a break and stretch.

Speaker 2:Does pup play cause you pain after you’ve done it?

Dorien Lambert:Uh-uh (negative).

Speaker 2:No? Okay. Okay. What about gear wise? Have you had any challenges gear wise or are you a crafty person?

Dorien Lambert:Yes. Well, I’ve actually made … I started doing our own bandanas and stuff that we had have, I actually made about eight of them this weekend.

Speaker 2:Yeah, yeah.

Dorien Lambert:But finding gear, harnesses are hard to find because finding bigger harnesses, they’re not really kept in most stores.

Speaker 2:If you could think of three things that human pup play gives you, what would you say they are?

Dorien Lambert:Relaxation, mind escaping and the ability to get in touch with the inside, like, deeper inside of my body, the pup side, the inner animal side that not many people get to see on a day-to-day basis.

Speaker 2:Why don’t people get to see that?

Dorien Lambert:Well, work and …

Speaker 2:Yep.

Dorien Lambert:I don’t think my apartment complex would like me running around in a pup hood barking at people.

Speaker 2:That is a very good point. Some people, if they’re anxious, they find that wearing a hood and having a role as a pup gives them less anxiety, allows [inaudible 00:07:58], have you noticed anything like that?

Dorien Lambert:I feel, in public, if I wear my hood, because I actually wore my hood for the first time in public and actually got away with it, nobody said anything, people were looking, they were liking it. I’m kind of shy. When I first meet somebody, I’m very shy, but putting on the pup hood, I can actually just go up to people, talk with people and they love it.

Speaker 2:If you were to say as a younger pup, or as somebody starting out in pup play, what recommendations would you give to them?

Dorien Lambert:If you’re starting out in pup play, the best thing to do is to read up on it. Find communities or people online that you can talk with and help express yourself through it. Be able to start small. When I started out in pup play, I started out with just a squeaky toy and talking with people online and there’s actually a picture that I love to death, it’s the first picture of me and a squeaky football and that’s what brought me in further into pup play.

Speaker 2:Good.

Dorien Lambert:So start small and build up the progress. Go a little bit deeper into it. Invest into a pup hood, if you can afford it, because I know they make cheap ones, I know they make more expensive ones. The pup hood is the very bright side of actually being a pup. You can actually escape everything.

Speaker 2:Where do you see pup play heading in, say, the next five years?

Dorien Lambert:I actually see pup play growing a lot. I see more and more people getting into it. There’s actually … I actually talked to another pup who … He actually just got into pup play and he was nervous about it and he kind of wanted to back out and I told him, “You know, you can talk to me, we can work through this.” And now he loves it. He used to send me videos of him barking and just playing with toys and stuff.

Speaker 2:Sounds pretty cool.

Dorien Lambert:So I can see it growing rapidly in the next five years.

Speaker 2:Cool. So if anybody wants to contact you, what would be the easiest way for them to do that?

Dorien Lambert:Facebook, Dorien Lambert, or Dean Rider. Instagram is dean_pup_rider. I had to think for a second, or email, debear14@yahoo.com. I reply to any of those.

Speaker 2:Perfect. That’s awesome, thank you so much.

Dorien Lambert:All right, thank you.

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