Pup Profile: Dire Supermutt and The Wolf Inside

Dire Supermutt:Hello, everyone. I am Dire, also known as Supermutt, and I am from Florida, United States.

Gpup Alpha:So how did you become interested in human pup play?

Dire Supermutt:Well, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. No, seriously, back in 1999, I happened to come across a website leatherdark.com, and there was human puppy play all over it. It just felt completely right. It was right before I went into the military, so I was a little skittish about doing it. So I waited till after I left the military, so about, then, 2001 is when I started really diving in.

Gpup Alpha:What in particular was it about human pup play that interested you?

Dire Supermutt:I’ve always had an affinity for wolves, ever since I was very, very young. My favourite prehistoric wolf was the dire wolf. It was literally a growing up obsession, apart from the other dreams that I’ve had, the dreams that I had of things that I wanted to do. But as far as in its core, I felt like the dire wolf. I connected with that prehistoric creature. I would then later find out about timber wolves, and would take the genus and species and kinda follow it down. I mean, it literally became a scientific study for me at one point, as a very young child.

Gpup Alpha:So do you have a particular … so you identify as a wolf.

Dire Supermutt:Oh, very much so, as the prehistoric wolf.

Gpup Alpha:Okay. What in particular about that wolf, what’s the key features that really you identify with?

Dire Supermutt:For me, it’s the fact that it is a species that doesn’t exist, that there’s a mystery to it, because there’s no one around to really know how it thrived and lived, but we know that it existed. I was connected with that sentiment behind it, and that thought process and educational grasp of that wolf. Because when you look at the chart of the genus and species, you have canis dirus, which is the dire wolf. And then you have canis lupus, which is where timber wolves and dogs and every wolf comes from. But because I’ve always felt kinda like outside looking in, but still a part of things, that’s why it resonates me that I am something always different. I don’t fit the norm, but I am still a part.

Gpup Alpha:What are three things that really drive your passion for human pup play?

Dire Supermutt:Wow, only three. Which three? That’s a good question. For me, it’s the camaraderie, the carefree spirit, but then there’s the handler side of it that appeals to me, which is the structure part of it.

Gpup Alpha:So do you like the structure, or do you feel that you’re more of a handler as well?

Dire Supermutt:I can be a handler if need be, but I’m a dire wolf. At the end of the day, that’s who I am.

Gpup Alpha:The dire wolf, is that an animal that can, that’s very pack-focused and structured?

Dire Supermutt:Yeah, it’s a wolf. It ran in packs just like canis lupus, which is the timber wolf, but unfortunately it died out, but canis lupus later became canis domesticus, which is all the domesticated dogs after that.

Gpup Alpha:Outside of human pup play, what are some of your key interests?

Dire Supermutt:Blue-blacking, art, game streaming, entertaining, music. I mean, it runs a full gambit of all the things I enjoy.

Gpup Alpha:Quite a lot of the Sirius Pups are into gaming. What’s your particular genre of gaming that you enjoy?
Dire Supermutt:I enjoy first-person shooters, for one, but I also enjoy role playing games. But it all depends. If the game has a good story, it’ll grab me.

Gpup Alpha:And you do online gaming?

Dire Supermutt:Yes.

Gpup Alpha:Now, I know that you do play online games with some of the other pack. If people wanted to find you, to play online gaming with you, what’s the easiest way for them to find you?

Dire Supermutt:Well, all they would have to do is go to my Twitch channel, and that’s very easy. They just go to twitch.tv/darkborne77. So that’s D-A-R-K-B-O-R-N-E-7-7.

Gpup Alpha:And that lists your-

Dire Supermutt:Well, they’ll be able to connect with me there so that when I stream or when I tweet from my darkborne plus account, from my gaming account, they’ll be able to know from there when I’m on. Because sometimes I’ll play on my computer. Sometimes I’ll play on the Playstation, so it all depends.

Gpup Alpha:If any people find your particular thinking about having maybe a little bit of sexy time with you as a pup, do you have particular interests in that way?

Dire Supermutt:For me, because it’s more of a connection and bond sort of thing, it’s not so much a sexual thing for me. Can it get sexual? Yeah, totally. But as far as my head space, it would be more me instead of letting, I wouldn’t let go too much because the fact is, the way I see it, it’s … when I’m in that head space and my thought process is not fully into the wolf, I’m the wolf. I’m not the human being at that point until I’m pulled back from it.

Gpup Alpha:So far, what would you say has been one of your peak experiences as a human pup or a human wolf?

Dire Supermutt:You mean, as good, or as …

Gpup Alpha:Yeah, as one of your most memorable experiences.

Dire Supermutt:Oh, most memorable?

Gpup Alpha:Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dire Supermutt:Wow. I would say finding out that there were other wolves out there, because for a long time, I thought I was the only wolf. So I kinda masqueraded as a German shepherd for a while, until I found out, “Oh, there are other wolves.” That was when … that was not long. Well, it was in the beginning. I found out there was another wolf, and she was, well, she still is. It was literally freeing to know, for me to say, “Okay, yes, I’m a wolf. I’m not a domesticated dog. I’m a wolf. I’m more aggressive, and that’s okay.”

Gpup Alpha:Within your persona, so you’re not soft and fluffy.

Dire Supermutt:Only the fur.

Gpup Alpha:And you’d describe the key features of dire wolf would be that you are …

Dire Supermutt:Rough and tumble, basically. I like a little more aggressive play. And that’s the things, is that, so like in a mosh, I would really be more sitting back than participating because I know that if I fully let go, I’m gonna hurt somebody. And I just, that consciousness of being, “Oh, you know, hey, very alpha-like,” and being very protective of other people and knowing what my limits are, I’ve never had that conversation or consent with the others to be able to play like that. So I wouldn’t force that on anybody else.

Gpup Alpha:So if they’d wanna chat with you, get to know you better, is the Twitch channel the best way to contact you?

Dire Supermutt:Well, Twitch is for the gaming, but the best way to reach me would be either on my Facebook, which is Dire Berrios, or they can get a hold of me, of my Twitter, which is blueblackdire.

Gpup Alpha:And just for Facebook, it’s D-I-R-E-B-E-

Dire Supermutt:E-R-R-I-O-S as in Sam.

Gpup Alpha:Okay, cool.

Dire Supermutt:Think “cheerios,” but without the CH and with a B.

Gpup Alpha:That’s fantastic. Thank you so much.

Dire Supermutt:Yeah, no problem.

Gpup Alpha:Yes. Happy to share this welcome and interview.

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