Bouncer Pup of the Dog Star Pack

Bouncer:My name is Bouncer. I am from Las Angeles, California.

Speaker 2:You are currently dressed up in a business executive dog realness.

Bouncer:That I am.

Speaker 2:Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Bouncer:Well, I am the alpha in my pack and this is one of the looks I’m given at one of my jobs and in a playful manner one day I put it on in my room while I had another puppy visiting and thoroughly enjoyed the look and it seemed to be very well received by the community.

Speaker 2:I think it’s a fantastic look. What is it about that particular look that you like?

Bouncer:It kind of mixes two of my worlds. It has both my professional world and my puppy society and community kind of mixed in one. For me it’s very playful to see that which I have to wear to work mixed with that which I opt to wear and I think it still has some an authoritative look without being in full dominant look mode. Fits into some other fetishes.

Speaker 2:Absolutely. Absolutely. How did you come to discover human pup play?

Bouncer:It is something that has evolved for me a great deal in the last couple of years. Originally I was seeking something out. I knew it. I was in a very very difficult place in my life and was looking for an escape is really what it started as. I had limited experience in the leather community before. Had been to some larger events such as Fulsome in San Francisco and that and just didn’t find my groove there. That was years ago.

Then there was some hiatus of some time and then I just started really sniffing around for something that felt like home and like a community to me. I had started looking into the furry femdom. Had sort of a growing appreciation for the [anthropomorphism 00:02:52] and thought they were cute as hell mixed with being I was extremely sexually attracted to it as well. And stumbled into pups. I’d seen a couple online. I had seen a couple of at places the places like Fulsome but I didn’t really understand. Again, thought it was cute yet it made things move down below and once I kind of saw that, I thought, “Oh, I want to be a handler. That seems great.” And started researching more and more. Actually met a couple of puppies in a play sense and something just resonated with me.

I found it extremely sexually hot. I found it extremely interesting as far as the escapism part. Finally, a couple years ago, for Halloween I constructed a cardboard puppy head. Went to a party. And went out to a bar afterwards and it was the first time I was ever greeted as a pup and I was hooked in a heartbeat. Still didn’t know where I wanted to fit into the community. I just continued to reach out and grow. I had a couple very impactful moments with pups. Not necessarily in the play sense but in a pup scene that I was herding and really reaching out to me to offer up whatever they could to help see me wag.

I was out of town for work. I had just had something traumatic happen at home. And was speaking with a pup on Scruff who he’s the one who said, “No, I just want to see you wag. What can I do?” I just said, “Would you mind coming to my hotel? I will leave the door open. You gear up. Can you please just come be my puppy? I just need someone to snuggle up with?” And he came and it was amazing. We sat on the couch and watched TV and sat on the bed and watched TV and again, just another thing where I was just absolutely hooked. Like I tried to make it sexual and he was like, “You know, we don’t have to do that.” I just assumed that was his expectation. He was like, “No, I told you what I wanted. I wanted to come and help make you wag? Did I do it?” It was absolutely and we’ve remained friends ever since.

He disappeared off the radar for a while and I was searching for him and he kind of popped back up and we’ve come back in contact. Again, it was another step that it was sucking me in and then he is the one that encouraged me to make a puppy Facebook page. He said, “If nothing else you can at least say your name.” I did and then it just went insane. I created that and started just reaching out and it just started to grow. I started using my normal Facebook page less and less and just really focusing on my puppy self and on Bouncer. And from there I travel for both of my jobs so I just started reaching out to different pup and handler groups. Just seeing people in different cities and just somehow making mental notes of where people are and I just started putting myself out there and just reaching out.

If I knew I was going to a city, I’d say, “Oh, this person lives in Portland, Oregon. This person lives in Seattle.” The reception from the puppy community was just almost overwhelming because people were just so willing to just meet. It didn’t have to mean sex. It didn’t have to mean anything. It was just a, “Let’s go get a beer. Let’s go have breakfast.” I had one friend pick me up at the airport. I did not ask for it. They insisted.

Speaker 2:I do think that there is that strong sense of community. Having hung out with a large pup population right here at Claw 2016 it’s been amazing to hang out with people and to see that there is a sense of one goal that people are striving towards and people who are willing to help people get there. I can’t help but notice at Claw you had two pups that you would have on leash and taking around. Are they your pack?

Bouncer:They are two of three pups that are in my pack with me.

Speaker 2:Can you tell us about your pack?

Bouncer:I can. We, first off through some discussion this weekend and knowing it was something we wanted to do we finally agreed upon a name for our pack. We have agreed on the Dog Star Pack.

Speaker 2:Oh wow.
Bouncer:That was exciting. It hit me at 7:34 a.m. yesterday. I woke up next to one of my pups, Spike, and poked him in the chest and said, “Hey, hey, I have an idea for a name.” That was pretty exciting. It was just this morning that we finally kind of concurred and so my pack right now is a, first it was my puppy Spike that lives in Chicago. That we had met online through a mutual friend. As I mentioned earlier I had started thinking I wanted to be a handler but then I started finding the gear and I am very very much a gear pup.

Again, didn’t know exactly where I fit but through my friendship that was growing with Spike, he and I had a great deal of interaction. Started chatting every day and had actually, he introduced me to chastity play from afar. He was helping me to get, he was holding me accountable and using a chastity cage. Then one day I kind of turned it on him. I said, “Why don’t you go put your cage on.” He reacted very very well to that. Soon thereafter he started a conversation with something that really neither he nor I were looking for at that time. He just said, “I would like to talk to you about being my alpha.”

From there it has been an amazing learning experience for me. I think for him. Really for both of us. That kind of unexpected, we weren’t out searching for anything and it just so naturally came to be that it has really been a perfect fit for us.

Speaker 2:What does the role of alpha mean to you?

Bouncer:To me it’s in, outside of a play and sense it’s really just taking the lead. Being the go to person on certain decisions. I really try to be a very nurturing type of alpha. There’s no talking down. It’s, we are in this together and it’s really just kind of leading our little pack.

Speaker 2:Cool.

Bouncer:Then soon thereafter it was the first Las Angeles puppy contest and I had met several of the LA pups and they are great but there was one that I noticed that was hanging out over on the side of the bar. My ears perked up immediately and I was trying to figure out who is that pup? Finally, didn’t stalk him through the night but kept an eye out and he happened to be talking to a friend of mine that I knew and I stepped up and finally got to meet my pup Tiger. It was brief but at least the instruction had been made. I knew I could find him again once the first barking had taken place. I kind of kept an eye out on Facebook and he finally popped up. We became friends on there and chatted and then finally had an opportunity to get together and get a little more up close and personal.
From there our friendship grew to a point that Spike and I talked about it and I offered up if Tiger wanted to join our pack. He took some time to think about it and I told him it was up to him. There was no pressure and that we were already kind of doing things that were sort of an alpha pup relationship and he’s local to me in LA and he was immediately my puppy partner in crime. Often when we go out we are the only two that are hooded pups. Tuesday night, Thursday, whatever it might be but it’s just no question. We’re both like, “Okay, great. Gear up. Go out. Whatever we can go do.” That’s also been a lot of fun. We’ve now had a couple opportunities where the three of us were able to hand out, including here at Claw.

We were just together in Austin a couple weeks ago and it was just a quick side story. It was months ago, I see a picture from Midwest Fur Fest and who is standing right in front of who was Spike was standing right behind Tiger in a picture. They had crossed paths before but obviously not in any way as we are now but that I think I may have squealed a little bit. “Oh my god. It’s like the two pups.” We weren’t even a pack yet but just the two of them standing next to each other. It was pretty cool.

Speaker 2:Fantastic. You also have another pup in the pack.

Bouncer:We do. We do. He is our most recent addition, which kind of took the Dog Star Pack international, which again met on Facebook through mutual friends. We have a pup in New Zealand. He lives in Christchurch. His name is Seca and he joined us just recently and is just another amazing pup and a very welcome addition to our pack. It takes a lot of creativity and communication and openness and honesty. Just all the things I require and ask for in our pack. It’s just being able to talk and be open and honest and respectful. Learning time zones and having to do a lot of Googling between the metric system. But we make it work and it’s a lot of fun for everyone.
My saying that I’ve told all of these pups as we’ve got to know each other is just, “Maximise your joy.” I use that every day. When I do some decision making that if it makes you happy do it. If you’re not hurting anyone else, you’re not hurting yourself. With Saka even though there’s a great distance, I have a reason to go to New Zealand now and that’s been top of my list for places I want to go and now I get to go see my pup.

Speaker 2:That’s fantastic. What do you see in the future of the Dog Star pack but also in human pup play in the next five to ten years?

Bouncer:For us, we’ve laughed about this. We have no idea what we’re doing. We’re figuring out day to day, having fun. But I’ve really spent some time thinking about how I can be a positive effect within the community. The community has done so much for me. It got me through so much that they probably don’t know. I had so much drama going on in my life. I don’t post about that. Puppydom is my happy place so everything that I present online or whatever I try to keep a very very positive spin. Maybe there’s some one on one conversations or in group chats or whatever but I don’t put my drama out on the table.

But it has, the community has given so much to me that I just want to figure out how to give back. That’s where I’m going at this point is just trying to figure out how I can be a positive influence for other people. Right now we really, particularly Spike and I we do a lot of new pups reach out through different venues, whether Growler, Scruff, Recon, Facebook, telegram, whatever it might be. It could just be a simple thing, “Oh, I wish I could be a pup.” “Well, why can’t you?” “I don’t have any around me.” “So, a lot of people don’t have other pups around them.” Just start sending them directions.

Books like Woof and Bark and the Sirius Pups website. Just other resources. I just tell them take in all these other perspectives and create your own. If it’s outside of respect and consent and whatever, If somebody says you’re doing it wrong, you might not want to be around that person. Just figuring out your own path because there’s no one right way to do anything. There’s no one right way to do puppy. If it makes you happy and it maximises your joy you’re doing it right.

Speaker 2:Absolutely.

Bouncer:That’s kind of been where I’m focusing is how to help other pups. I have a great deal of respect for those that take the path of doing contests and representing the community in that way. It’s not my path. I’ve been through that in another part of my life and it was fun, educational, it is not the path I am choosing for myself. I’m still figuring it out. Where it goes in the next five to ten years I just hope it become a bigger and bigger part of my life and that more and more people are able to get at least some of the enjoyment and joy and sense of community and belonging and the amazing sex and exploration of kink. I just hope more people get to experience at least a portion of what I’ve been able to discover and experience myself.

Speaker 2:Fantastic. If somebody wanted to contact you what is the best way for them to do that?

Bouncer:The best way right now would definitely be via Facebook.

Speaker 2:And how would they find you on Facebook?

Bouncer:It is joegarcia(bouncerdog)

Speaker 2:Okay. We’ll pop a link underneath that video.


Speaker 2:Thank you very much for your time and I wish you the best for the rest of your claw.

Bouncer:Great. Thank you very so much Gpup.

Speaker 2:No worries.

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