Pup Profile: Baus Yukon and Pup Headspace

Baus Yukon:Sure thing. I am Baus Yukon. Based in Seattle, Washington. Well, let’s see, probably about 11 years ago, I really enjoyed the concept of daddy/boy, so I sought out a daddy who engaged me in that sort of negotiation. Once we started the negotiation, he was like, “So, I don’t want it to sound rude but I don’t think boy is really your shtick.” He’s like, “You’ve got the desire, but you have some tendencies and I think that there might be something that’s a little bit more up your alley.” And so he introduced me to a friend of his who was a pup, and the puppy and I became friends. We started talking and through hanging out with him and interacting, we just kind of decided that I should try puppy play more. And the more I did it, the more I realised, “I’m a puppy.”

Three aspects. I’d say the first one is definitely the headspace. I really enjoy getting into headspace and the freedom that comes with being in headspace. Having the ability to release your worries, your frustrations, your cares, even for a short amount of time, it’s quite frankly want drew me to puppy play the most. So that’s definitely in the top four. I also enjoy the interaction between puppies. Quite frankly, it’s fun to wrestle puppies. And just the camaraderie that comes with it.

You get a lot of vague headspace this, headspace that, and most people never really tell you what headspace is. For me, headspace is the ability to detach my higher level thinking, to be able to engage more in baser instinct. It also allows me, because I’m releasing the higher level thinking, to get rid of and let go of all that stress, all that frustration, all that … if I’m angry or if I’m really even elated, sometimes just let it all go. And headspace allows me to do that. For me, it’s kind of a meditative state. Kind of get into it and as you get deeper into it, you start to realise that you are just letting everything go, releasing, gaining freedom.

Speaker 2:But it’s not disassociated?

Baus Yukon:Yeah, it’s not really-

Speaker 2:That hole that some people seem to …

Baus Yukon:There are some people who claim that they get into a very deep headspace, where they’re completely different people. I personally have never had that. For me, the deepest level of headspace, I can still pop right back out of it. But I’ve been doing it for a very long time and when I first started, I would get into deeper headspace and it would take me a while to come out of it. But even in master/slave, you get the slave into a certain headspace, and the aftercare and bringing them back out of it can take a while, depending on how deep you really go in.

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